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How Can You Lose Weight, Keep It Off, And Enjoy Your Life?

Eighty Million American women are overweight or obese. That seems impossible to believe, but it is true. Research by the CDC confirms it. Today, no matter what you see in movies, on the Internet, or on TV, it is normal for women to be overweight. If you were to ask all those women if they wanted to be overweight, almost all of them would say that they wanted to be less fat.

The reason that you are reading this article is that you are overweight, and you hate it. You are one of almost 60% of women who are carrying more fat than is healthy for you.

There are millions of people anxious about their weight and the effect it has on their appearance and health. There is a myriad of fad diets and bogus science. Often such programs even encourage unhealthy eating habits, which can make matters even worse.

Is There A Real Fat Loss Solution That Works?

A healthy weight loss solution is something that we are all looking for and will be excited to find! Given the array of weight loss solutions out there, it might seem impossible to find an effective program. How can you find one that helps you not just to lose weight but also to keep it off?

What you need is a solution that offers a breath of fresh air, a system that helps you to develop better, healthier eating habits. A solution that teaches you about how food and nutrition work so that you can, for the rest of your life, make good choices about how to fuel your body.

As a woman, you need a program that is designed for the needs of women, because the nutrition and health needs of women are not the same as for men. As a woman, research tells us that you need a program that focuses on getting your insulin hormones in balance. That’s important because your metabolic rate can increase, meaning that your body does not lay down food as excess fat. Better yet, for the first time, you will be able to lose fat and keep it off by getting the hormones that control your fat and weight loss back into balance.

Introducing The Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is based upon scientific principles applied to the problem of weight loss in women. The Cinderella Solution is designed for women over 18 who want to lose more than 10 pounds. If you are looking for a crash diet program that gives fast results at a cost to your health, then this isn’t for you. But if you are sensibly looking for a nutritionally sound, healthy, long term solution to fat loss, then Cinderella Solution is perfect for you.

Take The First Step To A Slimmer, Healthier You

Because you want to have the body and good health that you deserve, you need to discover more about how the Cinderella Solution can help you take control of what and how you eat.

When you take that first step and find out just what is possible when you use the Cinderella Solution in your life, you will take the crucial first step to control your good health and appearance!


Get Rid Of Eczema Skin Rashes for Good

Eczema rash

What is Eczema? 

Eczema, also termed as dermatitis, is a genetic skin condition. It is manifested by a dry and scaly skin on various body parts. Usually, it affects the face, hands, elbows and the neck. When eczema flares up, it makes the skin prone to dryness, which results in pain and itchiness.

It is vital to understand how to get rid of it fast to escape the discomfort and embarrassment that the condition causes. Here is a step by step explanation on how to get rid of eczema permanently.


The following lifestyle changes are also recommended. 

1. 1. Limit water contact

Although water can hydrate the skin, prolonged contact with water or using hot water can make the skin to become chapped and dehydrated. Bathe once daily using lukewarm water. A bath should not last beyond ten minutes.

1. 2. Using moisturizers

Apply ointments and moisturizers while your skin is still damp, after getting into contact with water. Ensure you apply the cream within 3 minutes of leaving the tub or shower. The skin can absorb moisture quickly during this time. Ensure you moisturize anytime your skin feels dry.

1. 3. Wear gloves

Whenever your skin is in contact with cold air or hot water, ensure you have gloves on. Hot water and cold air are known to worsen eczema symptoms since they leave the skin feeling raw and dry. Wear plastic kitchen gloves when washing dishes and cotton gloves to protect your hands from the cold during winter months.

1. 4. Do not scratch

Although eczema prone skin tends to be itchy and dry, constant scratching can leave your skin with open sores that are susceptible to infection. To avoid scratching when tempted, keep your fingernails short or wear gloves. That way, you can avoid scratching.

1. 5. Consult a dermatologist

If lifestyle changes and over-the-counter moisturizers fail to work, visit a dermatologist. Eczema tends to manifest in the same way as many other skin conditions. Thus, the only way to get an accurate diagnosis is by visiting a dermatologist. The specialist will prescribe the necessary ointments and medications for handling your eczema.

Therapies you ought to try

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory constituents. It also maintains the natural chemical balance of the skin and creates an antimicrobial layer on the skin. Therefore, it is very efficient in getting rid of eczema.

Aloe vera

Applying aloe gel has been found to soothe and cure eczema rashes.

Ice cubes

Wrapping ice cubes in a piece of clothing and placing it on the affected part is an effective way of relieving the itching and burning sensation that results from eczema. In case you do not have ice cubes, you can wrap a packet of frozen peas in a piece of clothing and place it on the affected part of the skin.

Oatmeal bath

If your eczema is chronic probably worsened by a staph infection, an oatmeal bath might help. To achieve this, use pure colloidal oatmeal bath or ground oats in a grinder. Put 250g of oatmeal in a tub filled with warm water and soak in this soothing bath for about 20 minutes. You may do this twice daily.

Pimple Remover for Younger Looking Skin

What causes acne? 

It can be difficult to get rid of pimples because there is scarcity of quality pimple remover in the market today. Whether one has acne or blackheads or simply a pimple, this condition is still reflective of a disorder of the skin.

Acne is caused when the hair follicles get congested with dead skin cells. Oil can also get in there and reek havoc. The areas that get affected by acne or a pimple are the ones with the most oil glands. These areas on the body specifically are the face, chest, and the back.

People wonder if acne is environmentally caused or a result of biology. The fact is that acne is an inherited condition that is primarily based on one's genetics. So a person who has acne can largely blame this on someone in the family who passed the condition down.

Myths surrounding acne

There are many stereotypes about people that get acne. One of them is that the person is not clean. This is simply a myth. Acne has nothing to do with a person's hygiene. Also, sunlight therapy does not affect acne at all. There is still some debate however if one's diet or their smoking habit has any affect on the condition of their skin.

When one thinks of having porcelain skin or young, fresh looking skin, this can seem like a far off dream with acne. However, anyone, with treatment, can have this type of skin. And early treatment is best to avoid scarring. Even having blackheads' removal done in an aesthetician's clinic can cause scarring. The extraction tools they use can actually leave holes in the skin that never heal over.


The don't in dealing with acne

It is important to remember with acne, blackheads, or a pimple not to pick at it. Picking will only traumatize the delicate skin around the lesion and increase the likelihood of scarring. This is the exact opposite effect that a person wants to achieve.

Instead, try to get at the source of the treatment through using an effective acne product. Using an acne product is always the first step in the line of defense against acne. It will get at the root of what is causing this inflammation of the sebaceous gland.

The do's in acne treatment

People who treat their acne early will have the best chance of avoiding scarring. This has to be in conjunction with the commitment not to pick at skin. Typically, what defines the outcome is the use of pimple remover in different cases.

Acne treatments take time to work. Always follow the label exactly as instructed. And try to use very gentle products on the side if a person must. But it is always best to simply avoid using any other products than a singular brand. These products are designed to work in conjunction with one another.

Take time to take care of your skin in the early years, and you will enjoy a clear complexion in years to come. Do not ignore it or simply think that acne is a phase. You deserve the best skin and the best chance at making that happen through quality treatment plans.

Why you need a healthy clear skin free from acne and blemishes

Healthy skin is an indication of overall good health. Everyone loves a skin clear of acne and blemishes. Based on research and my own personal experience, I would say that a clear skin boosts your confidence overall. That is why most of us spend tons of cash to achieve this objective. We go to the extent of buying magazines to see what our famous celebrities are using. We do this hoping to catch some of their secrets to healthy skin. The celebrities however keep most of their secret to healthy skin very close to their chests. They only share some of it when they appear in adverts. Occasionally though, the secrets escape to the mainstream. 

 Below are some of the most important reasons you need an acne free skin.

A healthy skin boosts your confidence

Research indicates that women who have a flawless skin are more likely to be more confident than their counterparts who have acne or pigmented skin. This can be seen in work places, social places and on the streets. You are more likely to face the world with confidence and tackle different life issues with courage if you have no skin woes haunting you. Anyone with a clear skin can also be perceived by many people as healthy and beautiful. This alone gives someone confidence no matter their age, gender or body size. 

THIS eczema solution is a must have! 

A clear skin is linked to beauty

Want to feel beautiful and sexy? Invest in your skin and you will never regret a thing! Everyone loves being beautiful and there is no better way to achieve that goal than to have a clear, spotless and blemish-free skin. Why is a clear skin linked to beauty? First, a clear skin looks good with or without makeup and most of all, it is way easier and less stressful to take care of than damaged, pigmented, wrinkly and skin full of acne.

Lowers the cost of spending on various skin care products

When you have a clear skin, chances of you spending more on skin care products reduces greatly. Like I said earlier, before finding the cream that worked for me I spent a lot of money trying different creams with the aim of getting the best to suit my needs. However, after finding that 'one cream' everything changed and I stopped wasting my scarce money on things that didn't work. In short, my search for an anti-acne cream was over. Therefore, a clear healthy skin is economical in the long run. Skin needing constant makeup drains your resources and time and you still won't get your desired look.

Still worried about your acne after reading this? Is your acne giving you sleepless nights? Get a cream that will work for you. Remember, you are never alone and, if I overcame this situation within weeks, you too can do the same.

If you want to get your acne and other skin blemishes under firm control,


It really helped me to get rid my acne within weeks of using it, and I saw immediate results within THREE DAYS!

Try it and get back to me! I cant wait to hear your testimony!




Heal Those Cracked Heels!

Cracked heels has been a problem that many Americans and consumers worldwide have been dealing with for years and years. For most, dry feet does not develop into a much more severe case of cracked heels, but for some it does. This split tissue is not only extremely unsightly, it can develop into very painful wounds if left untreated. The biggest issue for those with this much damage to their feet is what to do to treat it. Regular moisturizers help, but cannot heal the cracked heels, and therefore the problem persists. It is important to examine what consumers can do to not only treat and heal this skin damage, but also to ensure that it does not re-occur in a few days, or with the slightest exposure to the elements.

 A lot of people that develop dry feet and cracked heels do so due to their job or lifestyle. The feet that are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time each day are more likely to develop chronic dryness. Dry feet that are left untreated often can turn into cracked heels, and once that problem starts, it can become a very stubborn skin condition to treat.

 Finding a foot cream that is capable of healing the cracked heels is more difficult than you can imagine simply because there are many foot creams out there and only a few contain the ingredients you need to actually heal the problem. There are a few products out there that are designed to treat cracked heels and they even use some really good ingredients, however, they are not foot creams, simply a treatment for your heels. This can deliver half of what you need, but not all, and it cannot be used to prevent the condition. What you are looking for is a foot cream, designed to take care of dry feet, prevent cracking and eliminating the painful and split tissue of cracked heels.

 You walk an average of 5,000 steps a day — in a lifetime, the equivalent of 4½ times around the world. Your hardworking feet deserve to be taken care of!

 Transform the look and feel of dry, cracked heels. 2.5 fl. oz.

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Active Ingredients:




Other Ingredients:




















These are basically loaded ingredients to look for in a foot cream that will guarantee to an elimination of cracked heels. They not only heal the damaged heels, but rebuild your skin's natural protective layer.

If you are serious about treating your dry feet and cracked heels once and for all, then get serious about the foot cream you are using.


Why big women should also have classy sexy plus size clothing

Getting plus size clothing is one of the biggest challenges that plus size women face. They are being constantly required to aspire to beauty paradigms that don’t necessarily appeal to them. But one thing is for sure: Plus size women love to feel and look sexy, and in some cases even more so!  And there is absolutely everything right about that. There is plenty of plus size clothing here at HipNfly, and we keep increasing the inventory. 

THIS on me is the definition of class! 

2017 Spring Summer 4XL Plus Size Women Maxi Dresses Casual floral printed Large Size Dress Elegant Women dress Big Size

No apologies

As a big woman myself, whenever I’m going out for a party, I put on my sexy and show off my cleavage with no apologies. It doesn’t mean that I’m trying to compete with skinny girls or trying to turn male heads. It’s because I pick a style that I know looks good on me because I am proud of my body and I am comfortable in my skin. 

As a plus size woman, if you are attending a party with some
fashionista girlfriends, you want to fit in. There is just no way you can feel
sensual when dressed in a pair of cargo pants and winter boots. Just like
everyone else, you have a female form that you should flaunt without any
feeling of inferiority. 

Experiment with your identity

Plus size women should feel free to experiment with their identity. No matter how you look, you will get judged. So don’t care about what people say. If you have to be “provocative”, go ahead and be.

What you need to understand is that there are many people who are attracted to women who have some extra meat. Big is definitely beautiful and the women who are not afraid to own their curves know it. 

Show the best that your body has to offer

Looking sexy showcases your “wins” while camouflaging your “deficiencies”.
All it takes is focusing on those aspects of your body that you like. Once you identify the parts of your body that you like, it’s all about drawing attention to those parts with what you

Wearing sexy dresses makes you feel more confident and hotter. Looking sexy is always empowering. It’s great to see how far your body can go in expressing the best you.

Tips for selecting a party dress for the plus size woman

Plus size women have had major challenges with fashion for a long time now. For a while, they were sentenced to unattractive fashion pieces that do not serve justice to womanhood as a whole.

But the issue is gradually being sorted out with the inclusion of fashionable plus size pieces. The fashion industry has recognized that women come in different shapes and sizes and each and every version of the woman is indeed beautiful.

Plus size women no longer need to turn down party invitations for the fear of not looking the part. They, just like their leaner counterparts have all the right to turn up looking amazing with party dresses that bring out the sex appeal every woman has.

What defines the right plus size casual party dress?

This dress! 

When looking for the right party dress, one needs to be fully aware of their body shape so as to highlight the strengths and downplay the weak arrears. The right plus size casual party dress needs to be well-fitting, comfortable so that it is ideal for dancing; have the
right aesthetic details and of course bring out the sexy. After all, a party is all about a good time. 

Tips for selecting a party dress for the plus size woman

If you are a bit heavier on the down side, you would want a dress that accentuates the top so as to give a balance and create an illusion of a balanced figure. The same applies when it  is vice versa. If you are heavier on the best, be minimal at the top, avoid cleavages and work to accentuate your hip area.

Avoid dresses with a lot of pattern and loud colors. This drives unnecessary and unpleasant attention. You can have dresses with colors that are not exaggerated- block colors are always better. In this case aesthetics can come from fine details such as the
dress beadwork and the fabric texture. 

All in all, big girls can also have fun and be very attractive during parties. All it takes is the right dress that bring out the beautiful aspects. It has been said somewhere, give a plus
size woman the right dress and she will be the life of the party.

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