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Why big women should also have classy sexy plus size clothing

Getting plus size clothing is one of the biggest challenges that plus size women face. They are being constantly required to aspire to beauty paradigms that don’t necessarily appeal to them. But one thing is for sure: Plus size women love to feel and look sexy, and in some cases even more so!  And there is absolutely everything right about that. There is plenty of plus size clothing here at HipNfly, and we keep increasing the inventory. 

THIS on me is the definition of class! 

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No apologies

As a big woman myself, whenever I’m going out for a party, I put on my sexy and show off my cleavage with no apologies. It doesn’t mean that I’m trying to compete with skinny girls or trying to turn male heads. It’s because I pick a style that I know looks good on me because I am proud of my body and I am comfortable in my skin. 

As a plus size woman, if you are attending a party with some
fashionista girlfriends, you want to fit in. There is just no way you can feel
sensual when dressed in a pair of cargo pants and winter boots. Just like
everyone else, you have a female form that you should flaunt without any
feeling of inferiority. 

Experiment with your identity

Plus size women should feel free to experiment with their identity. No matter how you look, you will get judged. So don’t care about what people say. If you have to be “provocative”, go ahead and be.

What you need to understand is that there are many people who are attracted to women who have some extra meat. Big is definitely beautiful and the women who are not afraid to own their curves know it. 

Show the best that your body has to offer

Looking sexy showcases your “wins” while camouflaging your “deficiencies”.
All it takes is focusing on those aspects of your body that you like. Once you identify the parts of your body that you like, it’s all about drawing attention to those parts with what you

Wearing sexy dresses makes you feel more confident and hotter. Looking sexy is always empowering. It’s great to see how far your body can go in expressing the best you.

Tips for selecting a party dress for the plus size woman

Plus size women have had major challenges with fashion for a long time now. For a while, they were sentenced to unattractive fashion pieces that do not serve justice to womanhood as a whole.

But the issue is gradually being sorted out with the inclusion of fashionable plus size pieces. The fashion industry has recognized that women come in different shapes and sizes and each and every version of the woman is indeed beautiful.

Plus size women no longer need to turn down party invitations for the fear of not looking the part. They, just like their leaner counterparts have all the right to turn up looking amazing with party dresses that bring out the sex appeal every woman has.

What defines the right plus size casual party dress?

This dress! 

When looking for the right party dress, one needs to be fully aware of their body shape so as to highlight the strengths and downplay the weak arrears. The right plus size casual party dress needs to be well-fitting, comfortable so that it is ideal for dancing; have the
right aesthetic details and of course bring out the sexy. After all, a party is all about a good time. 

Tips for selecting a party dress for the plus size woman

If you are a bit heavier on the down side, you would want a dress that accentuates the top so as to give a balance and create an illusion of a balanced figure. The same applies when it  is vice versa. If you are heavier on the best, be minimal at the top, avoid cleavages and work to accentuate your hip area.

Avoid dresses with a lot of pattern and loud colors. This drives unnecessary and unpleasant attention. You can have dresses with colors that are not exaggerated- block colors are always better. In this case aesthetics can come from fine details such as the
dress beadwork and the fabric texture. 

All in all, big girls can also have fun and be very attractive during parties. All it takes is the right dress that bring out the beautiful aspects. It has been said somewhere, give a plus
size woman the right dress and she will be the life of the party.

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